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Test: Dachstein Super Leggera DDS

Test: Dachstein Super Leggera DDS

A knitted hiking shoe – yes, such a thing actually exists. With the Super Leggera DDS, the Dachstein company has brought an innovative alternative onto the market. And visually the hiking boot is a highlight anyway.

As a Salzburg native, I am of course regularly out and about in the wonderful countryside. Be it to hike to a mountain pasture or around a lake. A good hiking boot is of course a must. Because of my overlegs on both feet it is not easy to find a comfortable and high quality hiking boot. Therefore I was very excited when I got the Dachstein Super Leggera DDS for testing.

The first thing I noticed was the low weight of the shoe: The Super Leggera weighs only about one kilogram. This is a big advantage, especially on long hikes. Now it just had to sit well. The one-piece knitted shaft nestles pleasantly against the foot and is also very wide in the front area – ideal for my Hallux valgus. Nevertheless, the first time I slip it on I have the feeling that the hiking boot is stable and has a good grip. This will become apparent on the coming trips.

Recently I took the Super Leggera DDS on a tour in the Grossarl Valley. Mountains, streams and meadows as far as the eye can see – ideal conditions to put the innovative shoe through its paces. First of all: My first impression was confirmed. The light hiking boot almost feels like a second skin around the foot. The Vibram sole provides excellent cushioning and a very good grip. And even if it may not seem so at first glance, the Super Leggera also convinces in terms of waterproofness. This is due to the waterproof membranes with which the hiking boot is equipped. Apart from its functionality, the design of the Super Leggera convinced me. The light hiking boot is definitely an eye-catcher. No matter whether on the alpine pasture or by the wayside – the other hikers immediately noticed my knitted hiking boot.

The shoe is made for hikers who mainly hike in light alpine terrain. The Super Leggera definitely meets this requirement. For those who have problems with their ankles or who go on real mountain tours, a classic hiking boot is more suitable. Because the knitted upper does not of course provide as much grip as a fixed mountain boot. For my hiking tours, however, the Super Leggera is ideal and I’m glad I’ve finally found a shoe that doesn’t cause me any problems when worn for longer periods. Another plus point is the lightweight I gave it for its stylish appearance. But that’s a matter of taste, as we all know.


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This article was created in cooperation with the Dachstein company.

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